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Amministratore Delegato
Julien Hammerson
Deputy CEO
Ken Tregidgo
Stephen Leggett
Chief Innovation Officer
Campbell Brierley
Head of Europe
Henning Swabey
Birchin Court, 20 Birchin Lane
Codice Postale
Numero di telefono
0044 02037004100

Calastone is the largest global funds transaction network, connecting fund managers, distributors, platforms, custodians and fund administrators around the globe. Our mission is to make funds accessible to everyone by reducing the frictional cost of trading. We use smart technology solutions and industry collaboration to lower operational risk and enhance client profitability through digitisation and automation. Working with the industry, we help firms respond to a rapidly evolving marketplace, innovate to remain competitive, and take advantage of the international investment opportunities through our growing global network. Over 1,600 customers in 36 countries and territories benefit from Calastone’s services, processing over 9 million messages and £140 billion of transactions each month. Calastone is headquartered in London and has offices in Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Sydney.